Intelligent Offsite

UK Headquartered Intelligent Offsite work with clients in over 15 countries in assisting and advising them in manufacturing High rise Modular buildings and the most technologically advanced bathroom pods.

Principle consultant Paul Bonaccorsi has been involved in Offsite manufacturing for over 35 years and pioneered the wide use of permanent Modular buildings for companies such as McDonalds Restaurants, Shell, and BP in the mid 1980’s, before being widely credited with pioneering the manufacture of Bathroom pods in the mid 1990’s. and is the first and only non-North American board member of the Modular Building Institute.

In recent times Intelligent Offsite have worked in Australia for clients in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.

As well as advising prospective and existing manufacturers Intelligent Offsite have also advised many corporate clients in the use of Offsite into their projects, and have worked with companies such as IHG on their Holiday Inn brands, Hilton Hotels, KFC and many government departments.

We partner with specialist Modular and MEP engineers in offering Modular solutions of up to 25 storeys as well as full interior design service, and are specialists in Bathroom pod design.

T: +44 7729 351378 / +44 1430 626050