International consultancy providing project management and advisory services. We use strategic and applied futurism methodology, research insights and design thinking to illuminate what’s next, so projects succeed and business can thrive into the next decade and beyond. We document, analyse and forecast on all things cities, communities and the built environment. Using the following software for Artificial Intelligence & Predictive Analytics (IBM Watson), Data Analysis & Visualisation (Tableau), Simulation (AnyLogic), Predictive Machine Learning & Statistics (SPSS, R, Orange), Scientific Modelling (Python, SAGE).


  • Population and Demographic Change
  • Housing Diversity and Affordability
  • Human Settlement Planning and Patterns
  • Urban Governance and Public Participation
  • Smart Cities and Knowledge Economies
  • City Futures, Civil Society and Public Space
  • Climate Change Preparedness and Resilience
  • Managing Carbon and Renewable Cities
  • Food Security, City Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Complete Project Management Consulting and Advisory (inc. Soft Landings)
  • Due Diligence Reporting, Feasibility Studies, Business Case Research and Writing
  • ‘Three Pillars’: Project Scoping, Evidence-Based Design, POE and Benchmarking

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