Ola Svennson

Managing Director at Randek


Ola Svennson is the Managing Director at Randek – a Swedish company that has pioneered prefabricated house technology for almost 80 years. Ola joined Randek in 1999, starting out as a Design Engineer. In 2004, he was promoted to the role of General Manager for the Truss division, before becoming the company’s Managing Director in 2010.

Randek has a proud history of imagining, manufacturing and marketing high-performance machines and construction systems. Soon after it was founded in 1940, Randek began working with some of the world’s first prefabricated house producers. Since then, Randek has delivered building machinery to house producers in nearly forty countries across four continents. 


Randek’s product range consists of cut saws, wall floor and roof lines, roof truss systems, butterfly tables and custom machines, ranging from manual to fully automated. Their latest systems combine proven machine technologies with robotics and automation to suit the product needs of individual markets. 


Randek has experienced massive growth in recent years, with new major projects in Europe, North America and Australia.