Hyne Timber

Hyne Timber are the structural, laminated timber beam specialists.

Glue laminated timber (Glulam) is a beautiful, versatile and surprisingly efficient solution that has a number of key benefits over the traditional use of steel. Glulam is a highly structural medium, making it suitable for residential, commercial and large-scale industrial applications due to its  long spans and heavy loads efficiently. it is also ideal for halls, sporting facilities and other portal frame structures because of its superior thermal, acoustic and corrosion resistance values.

Hyne Timber has over 30 years of experience successfully designing and fabricating Glulam beams for a diverse range of projects. This experience ensures that we can design and fabricate the most efficient Glulam structures with connection methods that benefit both the design, and construction phases. Contact our technical support team who can offer specification and practical construction advice at any stage of the project.

For more information on Hyne Timber Glulam solutions, contact us now on 1300 30 4963 or info@hyne.com.au