JCY Architects and Urban Designers

Originally established in 1987, JCY has created an outstanding body of work founded on a dynamic culture of research, collaboration, inventiveness and excellence.

The scope of our work is extensive, as is our client base, resulting in an exciting and diverse portfolio of projects reflecting our knowledge and desire to express the uniqueness of people, environment and vision.

Our philosophy is to LISTEN first and then respond. Our creativity and ability to examine and develop innovative design solutions is integrally linked to our deep appreciation of context and our client’s needs. Solutions are arrived at through inquisitive research and robust debate. Our approach is holistic and cognisant of creating economically, environmentally and socially sustainable outcomes regardless of whether we are working on buildings, urban planning or master planning projects. We also believe that all projects should strive to be both liveable and of built and natural beauty.

JCY has worked in urban, rural and remote areas of Australia as well as in Malaysia and New Zealand where numerous clients have sought our skills and design excellence.

Our office is equipped with the latest and sophisticated computing and reprographic systems which are updated regularly by our in house IT Manager. Our staff are highly skilled in operating all our systems.

The practice holds a current, fully accredited Quality Assurance System and is fully insured. Ongoing professional development is important for all staff and JCY endeavours to ensure opportunities exist to up skill individuals in both their technical capabilities and professional knowledge.

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We would be delighted to provide further information on our practice and our projects.