SIPFORM™ is Australia’s leading bespoke modular panelised building system

The SIPFORM™ system is engineered of lightweight pre-fabricated composites integrated with our high tensile jointing system creating a fully bonded, hermetically sealed, building envelope.

The SIPFORM™ system maximises the potential of SIP construction through the utilisation of modern architectural cladding materials achieving a light weight, super strong, super insulated, high performance structure.

Most significantly the SIPFORM™ system reduces time due to a greatly accelerated building schedule and less steps and materials in the construction process

The SIPFORM™ system enables a rapid installation, more so than traditional SIP panels as no over-cladding is required, replacing the traditional elements of framing, cladding, lining and insulation, combining them all into the same modular component that is erected in a singular process.

For the first time SIPFORM™ combines materials common to Australian Architecture and has evolved them into a sophisticated building system. A system that provides real cost reductions on site including less site disturbance, significant reductions in trades, waste, transport, supply chain reliance and overall demand on energy., 

Homes built utilising this tried and tested technology are proving a more comfortable Living environment and lower on energy demand both in construction and significantly reducing the long term running costs of the home.

The SIPFORM™ system provides:

  • A more comfortable, liveable home 
  • Excellent sound absorbing properties 
  • Healthy, hypo-allergenic environment 
  • 70% savings on heating and cooling cost compared to traditional construction
  • 50% faster building times than traditional construction methods
  • Less demand for specialised trades & labour 
  • 30% less waste generation & disposal 
  • A strong, earthquake & cyclone resistant structure
  • An open worksite due to Modular componentry, delivered only when required

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