Symatic provides you with Top Quality, High European standard solutions here in Australia.

When planning the construction of your dream home, it is worth being interested in energy-saving technology. We provide building constructions characterized by low energy needs, that are functional and comfortable for residents. Our houses are very popular especially among people who care about the environment.

All production is located in a modern production hall with an area of almost 2,500 sqm in Europe.

The entire production is based on the most modern machines, such as the Cogolin Center Hundegger and the most modern production line of the Weinmann company. Such a base gives not only a guarantee of workmanship, an accuracy of 1 mm, but also efficiency, which guarantees timely performance, and most importantly the possibility of advanced prefabrication, which minimizes the assembly time.

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Contact Daniel Grobelny, Sales and Marketing Director for any inquiries;


Symatic Pty Ltd - 210/29 Kiora Rd, Miranda NSW 2228