Unibuild Technology

Unibuild is a privately owned applied building research company specialising in modular design and construction of mainly low level structures.

The Unibuild system converts “traditional” design plans to “modular” design plans which facilitates maximum “off site” prefabrication of the structural floor, wall, roof and other ‘hazard proof” components.

Since 1968, over 400 Australian and overseas client designs have been converted for faster and better delivery, covering all climatic conditions.

The Unibuild Technology, comprising the designs, details, project management and photos of the above projects is sold as a package under license to those persons and companies wanting to maximise off site prefabrication with a proven and multi award winning concept.

No need to “reinvent the wheel”. 

Website: www.unibuild.com
Email: sales@unibuild.com, peter@unibuild.com