Marko Misko


Marko Misko is a major project and infrastructure specialist, who has advised on projects in the construction sector for almost 30 years. As a partner at HWL Ebsworth Lawyers, Marko specialises in strategic advice on delivery models and risk allocation. He has a particular interest in innovative construction methodologies and works primarily on projects that focus on collaborative contracting.

Over the course of his career, Marko has developed a strong track record of advising on projects that span the full spectrum of construction. These include social housing, commercial and retail, industrial and process engineering, energy and natural resources, and asset and facilities management. He has also worked extensively on government facilities, social infrastructure, foreign aid projects, and transport and logistics.

Marko has vast experience working with all delivery models used in the construction industry, including traditional models, managing contractor, alliancing, ECI, IPD, DPM and PPP. 

In addition to his role at HWL Ebsworth, Marko is a board director for several peak industry bodies, such as Roads Australia and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia.

Presentation Overview - Innovative Construction Methods and Traditional Construction Contracts - An Odd Couple Indeed!

Marko will outline the uneasy interplay between prefabrication/innovative construction and traditional forms of contract, improved approaches that can be adopted (eg partnering, alliances, ECI, IPD etc), together with a case study, and the way forward to address the changed risk profile through tailored delivery models and contracts.