3 East Apartments, Architect: Fender Katsalidis, Manufacturer: Unitised Building

3 East Apartments, Architect: Fender Katsalidis, Manufacturer: Unitised Building

About prefabAUS

prefabAUS is passionate about the role of prefabrication in transforming our built environment, such as decreasing construction time frames and construction waste while increasing quality, productivity and affordability.

prefabAUS is the hub for building prefabrication in Australia

  • educating a wide audience about the benefits of modern building prefabrication

  • acting as a portal for quality information about Australian building prefabrication

  • exploring and addressing barriers to the uptake of building prefabrication

  • encouraging research and development programs across the industry

  • advocating on behalf of members

Why Prefab?

Prefab is short for prefabrication.

It refers to any part of a building that has been fabricated at a place other than its final location.

Prefabrication is a complementary system to traditional construction and comes in all shapes and sizes, from components such as wall frames, roof trusses or insulated wall panels to modular construction and complete buildings.

prefabAUS is inclusive of all these approaches.

Why prefabAUS?

In Japan and across Europe, prefabrication is widely accepted as an alternative to traditional construction.   Countries such as Japan, Germany, the USA, the UK and New Zealand have active, inspiring industry bodies dedicated to advancing prefabrication through collaboration and innovation.  New Zealand’s PrefabNZ has been a powerhouse of activity in its short 3 years

prefabAUS is working towards similar shifts in Australia, providing the consumer with increased choice coupled with a strong commitment to advancing our manufacturing sector.

Who is prefabAUS for?

As the hub for building prefabrication across Australia, prefabAUS membership includes:

  • Manufacturers of prefabricated buildings, panels, sub-assemblies, components, bathroom pods and systems
  • Architects, building designers, engineers, project managers and other construction professionals
  • Other members of the supply chain
  • Affiliated industry associations
  • Client groups
  • Research groups
  • Builders and contractors

Our History…

prefabAUS emerged from the Australian Research Council Linkage Grant Future Proofing Schools Round Table Session of June 2012, when 54 delegates from manufacturing, architecture, government infrastructure, and university research teams explored the future of prefabrication for the education sector.  One core resolution that emerged from the Round Table Session was the need for a peak body for Australia’s prefabricated building industry to support collaboration, innovation and quality information sharing.

In this spirit, prefabAUS works with manufacturers, architects, building designers, engineers, and other construction professionals, affiliated industry associations, research bodies, client groups, government agencies, and regulatory bodies to advance Australian building prefabrication.