Apex Wiring Solutions

Company Description:

At Apex Wiring Solutions we work in a space of innovation and believe in thinking outside the square. We challenge the norm and consider each and every angle for our clients.

For over 30 years we have been designing, manufacturing and most importantly supporting our clients with plug and play Modular Wiring Solutions. These solutions compliment and replace traditional wiring of electrical sub-circuits, with systems that are rapidly and easily installed ranges of prefabricated connectors and cable assemblies.

Our system solutions enable our clients to significantly increase efficiencies in site installation by up to 70% for small power and lighting in the Commercial, Hotel, Residential, Health, Aged Care, Offsite PreFab and Special Project sectors.

We provide a complete system for a pluggable installation which is achieved quickly and safely by simply following the process and connecting the system components together. We design, support and service the entire process through our professional team of dedicated individuals who endeavour to reduce risk and increase the client reward for their project.

Category: Manufacturer

Building Height: 1-30 levels (and higher)

Building Types: Multi residential, Hotels, Commission or Government Housing, Modular / Prefab buildings, Student Accommodation, Hospitals

Website: www.apexwiringsolutions.com

Email: info@apexwiringsolutions.com.au