Ausco Modular

With over 50 years of experience, Ausco Modular is one of the largest providers of modular solutions in Australia servicing clients nationally across a range of market sectors including Mining & Energy, Healthcare, Education, Building & Construction, Residential Housing, Commercial & Industrial and Government.

Part of global modular group Algeco Scotsman, Ausco Modular delivers full turnkey modular solutions through its 360 Degree Service approach which enables it to consult, design, manufacturer, hire, install and service a wide variety of modular space requirements such as remote village & other workforce accommodation, classrooms, amenities, kitchens and dining halls, project offices, housing, healthcare clinics, multipurpose buildings and more.

Ausco Modular’s fundamental capabilities in design & engineering, construction, safety, project management and asset management have been refined over 50 years of first-hand customer experience.

Ausco Modular offers a complete solution from conceptual & practical design, planning and building approvals, on-site construction, including all site works where necessary, building maintenance and demobilisation.

  • We have the industry’s only in-house testing facility independently accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). Within the scope of our NATA authority are our design and assembly, proof testing of building tie downs and mechanical testing for steel frame structures.
  • Ausco Modular sets the standard in the design and rating of modular buildings for various wind speeds, including cyclonic conditions.
  • Our design and engineering teams provide durable, attractive, and functional buildings.
  • We work with you to jointly design and engineer a turnkey building solution specific to your needs.
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