Nunawading Train Station

Nunawading Train Station, Melbourne

Nunawading Train Station, Melbourne

Located on the congested and chaotic Springvale Road in Melbourne, Nunawading Train Station was fabricated off site to enable a fast tracked construction timeline and to ensure the highest level of quality.

Precom’s prefabricated modules integrate seamlessly into a larger urban plan as part of the Springvale Road Grade Separation Project by the renowned Grimshaw Architects and head contractor, John Holland.

The design incorporates staff facilities and station amenity modules which house modern transportation facilities and are clad in highly robust vitreous enamel panels providing anti-vandalism qualities.  A combination of 7 module types include curved glazed walls, high ceilings, finished bathrooms, offices, IT and customer service requirements.

This benchmark project was undertaken on an extremely tight time frame to ensure minimal disruption to commuters whilst the new station was being established. It was completely installed overnight during the nominated shutdown period to minimise disruption to rail schedules and posing minimal traffic congestion.

Prefabrication was a vital component to the construction of Nunawading Train Station and is an extremely valuable construction process for similar infrastructure and commercial projects, providing greater efficiency to construction timelines, minimal site interference and making it possible to operate sooner.