Robotised Architecture at Sydney Architecture Festival

Robotised Architcture - disruptive construction technology

Robotised Architcture - disruptive construction technology

by Sarah Backhouse, PrefabAUS

Robotised Architecture explored a fast approaching step change in construction – engaging robotics in the manufacture of our built environment.   Michael Argyrou of Hickory Group and Nicolas Perren of Tektum –  both PrefabAUS Members – spoke alongside Sydney University’s Marjo Niemela and PrefabAUS CEO Sarah Backhouse, demonstrating an exciting array of future possibilities while also showcasing Australia’s current capabilities in the realm of automated construction.

Nicolas Perren of TEKTUM presented how the company maximises the potential of BIM models to interface with CNC and automated technologies to precisely cut, move and assemble components into whole buildings.  Michael Argyrou spoke of Hickory’s Unitised Building System, a modular building system that can create buildings of varying scales, from single storey to high-rise.  Both speakers highlighted the potential for skill transfer from the car industry to the building manufacturing industry, an important opportunity in the current manufacturing context.

Marjo Niemela spoke of the wide ranging Digital Fabrication research at Sydney University, for example teaching robots to construct dry stone walls, the next step being the application of Artificial Intelligence so that the robots can construct their own walls.  Whilst this might sound like science fiction, the technology is closer to application that you might expect.

At a time when there is a growing call for greater productivity, quality, sustainability and speed in Australia’s construction sector, PrefabAUS believes it is a call to which Australia’s prefabricated building industry is well placed to respond.