prefabAUS 2014

Inaugural Conference

11th, 12th ,13th  August 2014 Melbourne

The response of attendees was overwhelmingly enthusiastic with talks by 19 national and international specialists, site visits, workshops and panel discussions.

The networks and contacts established throughout the event will strengthen the Australian off-site construction industry, whilst the knowledge shared will help it meet growing demand and international competition.

The prefabricated construction sector is now poised to take advantage of the 5% per annum growth that is forecast, despite the overall building industry speculated to grow only 2.3% through to 2023.

META, a collaborative network of manufacturing businesses and researchers, launched the prefabAUS Hub at the conference, specifically “to identify how our local construction industry can transform and compete against imported products in terms of quality, value, and speed”.

PrefabAUS believes it is also vital for the industry to have a greater public voice, one that reaches people with influence.

prefabAUS 2014 was attended by 30 top-tier media representatives and 31 editorial pieces were generated across key mainstream and industry media. These included the Australian Financial Review, The Age, industry magazines like Australian Manufacturing Technology, websites such as Urban Developer and The Fifth Estate and internal media at key organisations including the Planning Institute of Australia.

Media responded positively to all key messages and demonstrated a readiness to dispense with preconceptions about the prefabrication industry. Articles were shared across social media platforms, with @prefabAUS twitter activity ensuring even greater reach was achieved.

With that said, prefabAUS would like to thank everyone that attended the inaugural conference and all the members who helped make it a success.

We would also like to send special thanks to our event sponsors: James Hardie, Lysaght, Quietspace Autex interior acoustics, Wood & Grieve Engineers, Refuel CPD Provider Network, the META group and the Victorian government.

Members can now access the conference presentations via the member only access area of our website.

We proudly acknowledge the generous support of our Sponsors and Partners