Jeremy Tompson


Jeremy Tompson is a Senior Project Manager at Lendlease, where has been involved with prefabricated timber commercial buildings since 2012. 

Jeremy played a lead role in the design and delivery of several prestigious Lendlease projects, including International House Sydney and Daramu at Barangaroo. Both of these buildings have been instrumental in challenging the perceived limitations of prefabrication and the use of engineered timber. 

From his involvement in the origination of several other Lendlease timber projects, Jeremy has a strong grasp of what it takes to convert a prefabricated timber project. He is motivated by sustainable, innovative and desirable works spaces that combine form and function. 

With the evolution of prefabrication and modern construction methodology, Jeremy strongly believes that Australia has the expertise to disrupt conventional design and construction practices.

Prior to his appointment at Lendlease, Jeremy worked as a project manager for Multiplex, working on Westfield’s ‘White City Shopping Centre’ in London.

Jeremy holds a degree in building from The University of Sydney.

Presentation Overview - Case Study: Damaru House - Lendlease’s second CLT office building at Barangaroo.

Jeremy’s case study will highlight the faster speed achieved compared to the companion building International House, lesson learned, and why it can be even faster again.