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Jesse Clarke

Jesse Clarke is a Building Scientist and Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry. He currently works as the Building Science Manager for Pro Clima – a global leader in the development and manufacture of high performance sealing systems for thermal insulation.

As a technical lead for Pro Clima’s Australian and New Zealand divisions, Jesse works to proliferate airtight and weathertight building systems. This includes delivering high-level training for architects and designers, plus hands-on training for builders and trades.

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Ken McBryde

Ken McBryde is an independent consulting architect and the founder of Architectural Physics. Highly regarded as a thought leader in urban design, Ken loves exploring the boundaries of possibility. He is drawn to complex challenges that demand innovation and are driven by sustainability.

Sought-after for his innovative placemaking ideas, Ken has a natural affinity with construction methodology. His interest in prefabrication and materials technology underpins his approach, as does his expertise in timber and timber composites, recycled composite plastic waste, and glass.

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Denita Wawn

Denita Wawn is the CEO of Master Builders Australia – a national organisation that promotes and supports all sectors of Australia’s building and construction industry, including its 32,000 members. Denita was appointed CEO in March 2017, after a 12 month tenure as the organisation's General Manager of Operations.

With 20 years’ experience as a leading industry advocate, Denita has a wealth of knowledge in public policy and politics. Prior to joining Master Builders Australia, Denita held several influential executive roles, including CEO of the Brewer's Association of Australia and New Zealand (Brewer's Association), Executive Director of the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) Tasmanian Division, and Deputy CEO of the National Farmer's Federation (NFF).

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