Kasper Guldager Jensen


Kasper Guldager Jensen is a Senior Partner at Danish architecture company 3XN and the Director of 3XN’s innovation company, GXN. The ‘G’ in GXN stands for green, highlighting GXN’s dedication to advancing ecological design.

At GXN, Kasper is passionately engaged in sustainable design, digital processes and new materials. Through his work in the green building space, he has become a spokesperson for the shape of future architecture, focusing on the circular economy, integration of new materials and green technologies.

In addition to his industry roles, Kasper regularly lectures on topics such as environmental design and circularity at prestigious universities around the world. In 2018, he taught as a visiting professor at the University of Calgary (Canada) and Delft University of Technology (Netherlands). 

Over the course of his career, Kasper has received various awards for his contribution to green architecture. These include EU’s Environmental Business Award (2016), Energy Globe Award (2015) and Urbia Green Innovation Award (2015).

Kasper is currently Chairman of the Board for Urban Green in Denmark, and a member of the Danish Design Council. He has previously acted as a Board Member for the Danish Government Advisory Board for Circular Economy and the Danish Society for Material Technology.

Presentation Overview - Architecture in the Circular Economy

How does a circular future look like, and what does it mean to work and live in buildings inspired by the circular economy? We need to challenge and rethink the way we think and use materials. The circular way is explored through projects from upcycled tower concepts in Sydney, through a circularity lab in San Francisco to a fully circular house in Copenhagen.

Kasper will present on ‘Architecture in the Circular Economy’ – bending the conventional linear lifecycle thinking into a circular ecosystem. This encapsulates designing buildings and selecting materials with a view to their disassembly and recycling at the end of the building's economic life.