Tom Durick


Tom Durick is a Business Development Manager (BDM) at CSIRO’s Data61 – Australia’s leading data innovation group, which was formed in 2016. Data61 combines data science, engineering and design to help Australia create new technology-based industries that can reach global scale.

As a BDM, Tom’s work centres around commercialisation, intellectual property development and applied research in the fields of digital innovation, data analytics and optimisation. He advises stakeholders – both internal and external – of impacts, opportunities and threats for digitally enabled enterprises. He has a particular interest in distributed ledger technology and blockchain, which informs his work at Data61.

With more than 25 years of experience in strategic business development, Tom is an expert in scaling. Before joining Data61, Tom worked for global technology corporations. He has also successfully started, developed and sold his own tech companies in Australia.

Presentation Overview - ‘Blockchain’ supply chain solutions for construction - where are we?

Problems associated with non conforming building products are highly topical in Australia and elsewhere, most prominently flammable cladding. ‘Trustworthy’ distributed digital platforms that could offer real solutions to achieving materials compliance are being developed. Tom will outline what they are and where they are at.