Ken McBryde


Ken McBryde is an independent consulting architect and the founder of Architectural Physics. Highly regarded as a thought leader in urban design, Ken loves exploring the boundaries of possibility. He is drawn to complex challenges that demand innovation and are driven by sustainability.

Sought-after for his innovative placemaking ideas, Ken has a natural affinity with construction methodology. His interest in prefabrication and materials technology underpins his approach, as does his expertise in timber and timber composites, recycled composite plastic waste, and glass.

Ken’s industry credentials are backed by an impressive academic and teaching record. His Masters by Research at The University of Queensland explored prefabricated sustainable yield timber portal frames. He is currently collaborating with The University of Melbourne, Swinburne University, the CSIRO and FWPA on a research project studying improved durability and broader applications of Australian hardwoods.

Ken was appointed Adjunct Professor at The University of Sydney in 2016. He has extensive international experience in the design of highly innovative public and cultural places, hospitality, retail, commercial and residential projects. His innovative thinking is founded on nine years of collaboration with Renzo Piano in Paris, Genoa, Osaka and Sydney.