Mikael Ludvigsson

Mikael is the Managing Director of the Swedish innovation hub Smart Housing. The main focus is within the wooden prefab and innovative glass businesses in Sweden. The hub combines the drive for innovative growth from the business perspective and the regional (national, municipal) point of view combined with the scientific edge from the Universities. 

The interest for prefabrication, industrialisation and most important innovation within these businesses has grown to become a great interest for Mikael. Mikael has an MSc in engineering physics and a PhD in Materials Science from Uppsala University. Some of his academic research was done at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. His industrial expertise comes mainly from R&D assignments and production management positions within the offline coating business in Pilkington. As an example he was the offline coating manager at a german production site during these years. Also, he has worked for some years within RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, developing the technical area called transparent intelligence where transparent materials are combined to yield transparent functions such as solar control coatings and energy saving windows.  

Mikael, enjoys living with his four children family in a smaller swedish town of just the right size. He enjoys playing tennis on a senior competitive level, early bird golfing, a sunset in the kayak or a morning on the mountain bike trails. (always with a never ending stream of music in the background)

Mikael will be presenting on the Smart housing in Sweden – the 'triple helix' approach driving innovations in glass and wood.