Nick Strongman


Nick is the Chief Executive Officer at Sensum, a project management and consulting firm specialising in offsite construction. With almost a decade of industry experience, Nick knows what it takes to market and deliver high-value projects. Since Sensum’s inception in 2015, Nick has led over 3,000 projects with a total value of more than $540 million. 

Nick specialises in public sector and government education projects. He understands the unique market opportunities for prefabrication in this sector, and he uses modern building solutions to meet the diverse needs of multiple stakeholders, tight delivery timeframes, and/or budgetary constraints. His impressive portfolio of work includes the Permanent Modular School Buildings Program, Relocatable Accommodation Service, Doctors in Schools, and Bushfire Readiness Program.

Nick holds a range of postgraduate qualifications in Project Management, Program Management, and Building and Construction. He is currently completing an MBA at Swinburne University of Technology.

Nick will discuss the benefits of using offsite construction methods in an educational context. He will offer valuable insights into the market opportunities for modular building in the government education sector, including why prefabrication is so popular.

Presentation Overview

Under Nick’s leadership, Sensum has established a successful track record for delivering building projects in Victorian schools. In his presentation, Nick will discuss the benefits of using the offsite construction method in an educational context. Nick will also provide insight into government appetite for prefabricated and modular construction projects.