Andrew Fowler


Andrew Fowler is the Managing Director at Austruss – a proudly Australian company that designs, manufactures and installs a diverse suite of offsite building solutions. 

Andrew founded Austruss in 2003, drawing on his lifelong passion for building, design and innovation. Growing up on construction sites, building is in Andrew’s blood. Respected as both a builder and a manufacturer, he loves nothing more than analysing a structure and devising ways to build smarter and faster.

Now with over 30 years of experience under his belt, Andrew is considered one of the most innovative minds in the Australian construction industry – and a pioneer of prefabrication. As one of Australia’s first and most experienced prefab companies, Austruss is at the forefront of modern construction. Austruss’ offerings include steel frames, trusses, panelised wall systems, floor cassettes, lift shafts, bathroom pods, and full data centres, making them a major player in the modular space.

Presentation overview

Andrew’s presentation at the Conference is about building a resilient construction industry. In it, he’ll talk about striking the balance between mass manufacture and mass customisation, plus share insights from over 15 years in prefab at Austruss. If you want to know how to wake the ‘sleeping giant’ that Andrew believes is the Aussie industry, this is a session you won’t want to miss!