Frank Davern


Technical Sales Manager at Hsbcad Australasia

Frank Davern is the Technical Sales Manager for Hsbcad Australasia – a market leading company that provides flexible software solutions for the construction industry.

Frank specialises in the application of advanced software to support modern construction methods. He has amassed over ten years of experience in this space, with expertise in everything from product development and software design, all the way to panelised construction and CLT. 

In his role at Hsbcad, Frank provides tailored solutions to industry leaders, enabling them to leverage offsite production methods and technologies. He applies his extensive knowledge of global practices to local manufacturing, helping clients to adopt new technologies, advance production and increase profits. 

With his passion for innovative design, combined with his commitment to transparent communication and best business practices, Frank is pioneering the design-to-construction process in Australasia.

Presentation Overview

The different design principles for offsite construction, such as DfMA, have dominated conversation in recent years. These principles are a guide to assist architects; supporting design based on the offsite assembly rather than the traditional onsite construction. There is a misconception that these DfMA architectural designs can then be sent straight to production – they can’t. DfMA addresses an industry need and gives architects the confidence to work with different forms of offsite construction. However, there is still a lot of work to be done in translating the architectural intent into a manufacturable product. Advanced software, such as hsbcad, is essential to facilitate this translation.

Frank will demonstrate how to work off an architectural design, without loss of data, and enable the creation of scalable and flexible 3D manufacturing models with full quantity take offs and communicate with the industry’s leading CNC machines. This can be achieved for the quick framing of walls, floors, roofs Panels, CLT buildings, Log homes, SIP homes and much more to deliver an integrated design to production experience.