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Professor James Murray-Parkes

James is a Director of Science & Engineering at Brookfield. For Brookfield and its entities, James and his team offer complete, end-to-end design solutions, forensic investigation, technical strategy, design concepts, technical & computational peer review, standards and code interpretations.

James is widely regarded as a world leader in high-load connection innovation and design. His unique design capabilities have influenced over 800 projects in the construction, energy and defence sectors. The design solutions he developed with the Brookfield team resulted in lighter weight structures, which minimise materials and are easier, safer and faster to construct.

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Yu Bai

Dr Yu Bai received his PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne EPFL, Switzerland. He is currently an associate professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University, investigating innovative construction materials such as fibre reinforced polymer, and performing research into structural fundamentals which feed into modular construction methodologies.

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