David Michel

David is the founder of Bedrock Offsite, a Sydney-based prefabricated and modular building manufacturing business, created in 2016 to supply bathrooms and laundries, before moving into kitchens and, ultimately, full dwellings.

Prior to Bedrock, David spent 15 years in publicly-listed and privately-owned construction companies, Lend Lease and Richard Crookes Constructions, in executive roles.  As General Manager of Richard Crookes, he helped grow the business 5-fold, and making it the largest builder in NSW.  Prior to that, in Lend Lease, he helped create the Health business, which went on to build billions of dollars’ worth of hospitals and medical research facilities around the country.

In creating Bedrock, David has been able to combine two of his favourite passions - building businesses and prefabricated modular construction.  

David will speak on why he has left the comfort of conventional construction for the dark arts of prefabricated modular construction.