Stanislav Martinec

Stanislav is Managing Director and owner of KOMA group company.

Stan is a graduate of the Technical College in Zlin and the Technical University in Ostrava, Czech Republic, Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, in the field of robotics and material handling. 

Stan founded KOMA MODULAR company, specialized on production of residential and sanitary modules, in 1992. Thanks to innovative approach, the company gradually built a modern factory with line production, manufacturing luxury moduls and popularizing the field of modular construction in middle Europe in long term. 

Our sister companies are KOMA RENT in Prague; KOMA SLOVAKIA in Nitra, Slovakia; KOMA FACADE in Brno; and KOMA SPACE GmbH in Vienna, Austria. Currently the company employs more than 300 employees and produce approximately 3000 modules yearly.

In his free time Stan likes to dance, cycle, spend time with his family and takes interest in anything inspiring.

Stan will be presenting on modularity for a future flexible world.