Matthew Dalmau


Matthew Dalmau is the Director at Root Partnerships, a leading provider of specialist project management and advisory services, with a focus on complex and high-profile projects.

Matthew joined Root Partnerships in 2013, bringing over 30 years of experience in commercial building with him. Throughout his career as a builder, Matthew progressed from the role of Site Engineer to Director and, eventually, Australian General Manager. His extensive hands-on experience is complemented by his ability to connect with clients and key stakeholders, as well as his inclusive and collaborative leadership style.

When it comes to project delivery, Matthew has a proven track record in delivering complex projects across a diverse range of sectors including corrections, commercial, education, pharmaceuticals and health. At Root Partnerships, he has led several multimillion-dollar projects, often in challenging high-security environments, with outstanding success. 

Most recently, Matthew was engaged by the NSW Department of Justice as a Program Director in charge of design, procurement and delivery of ten prisons totalling $1.6b. This project included two rapid build prisons, which were completed in approximately 25% of industry standard time and under budget.